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Let's start with a few QSL cards:


G3VNQ QSL from Southport, England This one dates back to the 1970s. The blank cards were donated to local radio amateurs by Southport's Publicity & Attractions Department, to attract visitors.

The town's motto was Salus Populi.

During the early 1980s, I moved from Southport to Norden, near Rochdale.

These cards were printed by G2CUZ.

G3VNQ QSL from Norden, nr Rochdale, England
NM9J QSL from Naperville, IL Then the big move... from Rochdale to Naperville, IL.

I had a reciprocal license for a while, but it only allowed operation on  limited frequencies -- so I took the FCC examinations and became NM9J.

Next stop was the Town of Cortlandt, NY.

This area surrounding Peekskill changed its postal designation to "Cortlandt Manor".

NM9J QSL from Cortlandt Manor, NY
NM9J Photo QSL  

I've only sent a few of these cards out. If you receive one, it means I want your QSL really badly.

The picture shows the Bear Mountain Bridge, spanning the Hudson River between Rockland and Westchester counties, New York.

A Blast from the Past

Here are some old cards from the 1960s...

This was my first QSL card. The blanks were provided by Southport's Publicity & Attractions Department.

I seem to remember having these over-printed by the Southport Visiter, Southport's local newspaper.

qsg3vnq3.jpg (17538 bytes)
qslg6uw1.jpg (10089 bytes) This was the QSL card of Cambridge University Wireless Society, G6UW.

The radio shack was located at "Woop Woop", a building of the Cavendish Laboratory, previously used for investigating low frequency atmospherics.
Undergraduates were not allowed motor vehicles, so most people rode around town on bicycles.

CUWS organized several "GD6UW" DXpeditions to the Isle of Man during Easter vacation.

GD3VNQ was the LF station on 160 and 80m. You can read an account of this expedition in Short Wave Magazine, May 1969 p. 159-160. G3TPF, G3UEW and G3WKB were also involved.   SWM Article (344KB PDF).

"RX EA12" refers to an EA12 amateur-bands only receiver loaned by Eddystone. The G2DAF transmitter was mine.

qsgd3vnq.jpg (15861 bytes)

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